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Tick Control

100 percent organic. We use pure Cedar Oil to disrupt the ticks egg laying cycle and to kill any adults that come into contact with our product. All natural and safe for: people, pets and the environment.

Organic Enhanced Program

We eliminate 75% of the pesticides, herbicides, and man made products by allowing only one herbicide treatment in our Program. We use a mild chemical pre-emergent for crabgrass and 100% Organic products for the remaining 5 treatments. This Program is very environmentally friendly as well as friendly to your pocketbook. Our products are low risk or no risk. We never use products linked to cancer studies.

Premium Organic Program

Our premium program is 100% organic and never includes any synthetic products. Our Premium Program is an all inclusive premiere program that is golf coarse and professional sport field quality. We truly believe this is the best in the professional lawn care industry. The Premium Program is a seven step program that blends both granular and liquid inputs into your lawn turf. We apply: compost, corn gluten as a crabgrass pre-emergent, liquid kelp, compost tea and multiple soil tests to tell us exactly what your turf needs. This program has everything your soil will need to grow lush grass.

Core Aeration

Compaction is one of your lawns greatest enemies and can work against the success of your organic lawn. This is why we recommend having your lawn aerated annually. Aeration provides an avenue for water, nutrients, and oxygen to get to the root zone thus helping the soil food web to flourish.

pH Adjustment

Proper soil pH could potentially be the most important factor in establishing a successful organic lawn. Populations of thriving beneficial bacteria prefer a soil that is slightly alkaline. The overuse of chemicals and pesticides tend to create soil that is overly acidic while certain soil types tend to be exceptionally alkaline. One of the first things we will do as part of your program is to perform a soil pH test. We will then make lime or gypsum application suggestions based on our findings.

Campus, Commercial and Hospital Care

Sustainability is a major part of today’s industry and oftentimes the chemicals used on and around commercial landscapes are overlooked. From multi-unit home owner associations to hospitals and schools to high maintenance athletic fields we can build a completely chemical free approach to maintain your landscape.

If, as a turf manager, you are attempting to deal with the implications of government mandated legislation regarding the use of pesticides or chemical fertilizers your situation can be daunting. The professional staff at your local Bee Safe location can sort everything out for you and make the transition seamless.

Compost Top Dressing

We spread a thin layer of rich compost over your existing turf. The biology in the compost will help to naturally aerate your soil as well as infuse billions of microbes into your lawn. Applying compost top dressing is the single most important thing you can do to your grass.